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See this was the time they could have done it. Proven to the world that India is doing so much better than the rest of its neighbors. But no, internal squabbles and the general police structure means that only thing that will happen here will be the elections. Why are we so compromised during the elections?
But that aside, IPL has hammered another nail into its ever so certain coffin. Come on. They started out big and this will be such an anti-climax. People will lose touch. They won’t come to the stadiums this year (because bangalore and the rest of the franchise towns aren’t in South Africa or England) and IPL will be hard pressed to get them to come next year. Why can’t we have half the matches now and the rest in some other month. It doesn’t rain that much here these days anyway. you know, try to give the newspapers something else to talk about besides the general drought that prevails around the time of mansoons every year.
Why do we need to have the IPL so concentrated into 2 months every year. Spread it around the year before it becomes an overdose. That way the fans keep in touch and there is no ebb in the flow of tv coverage.
But it looks like it is not to be. They are moving out. This will be the death of IPL.

Varun Gandhi is an idiot. And a confused one at that. He must be wondering how Rajnath Singh or Narendra Modi seem to always get away with it.
(There are few people that care about being politically correct these days. Everything can be blamed on the media. They always seem to get blamed for reporting every outrageous statement outside context.Nobody bothers to think that some of these statements are as outrageous in any context)
Getting back to Varun. For a aspiring politician from the ‘Gandhi’ family he has a lot of serious problems. First of all he has very few things to say. See he can’t exactly swear at his aunt and cousins in public. The government screwing up line is cliched and people are bored. His only identity is that he is like Maneka Gandhi’s son. The Maneka who is nuts for animals. She probably loved her pets so much and treated them so well that it was probably a good thing, while growing up back home, to be treated like an animal. Also his dad was some kind of a militant in the political circles.

So i don’t blame him. He is a kid growing up. He will learn to refine his statements and still get votes from the communally inclined. For now he can let the modi’s and the rajnath’s hog all the political incorrectness fogging the indian landscape.

There was a cruise ship at the port today. I saw the people heading out to mangalore in buses. All happy.

Why do they come here? I can think of 1000 different places they can go to and have more fun. They can go to Karwar or Lakshadeep. Maybe they do go to Karwar or Lakshadeep. But why here. Are cruises so long that they need to visit every settlement they find along the coast.

Trust me. This place is boring. Especially if you are not going to go trekking in the ghats or the other places much off the coastline.Ā  Apparently the people from the cruiseliner go to see this. Thats like an extremely costly way to visit a really confused botanical garden. To have a botanical garden here is a joke. The article implies this , albeit unintentionally. I can find better ones in the western ghats with little effort. I saw a group of curious lion tailed macaque’s up in the jungle when i went for a little excursion there. Lion tailed macaque’s aren’t botanical gardens, but how cool is that? Take that, stupid cruises.

Have you noticed how people size you up when you get onto the bus? The nerve. Even i do that. Though in a different way.Whenever someone gets onto the bus i generally tend to have my eyes out of focus like looking into the distance. But i am looking, sizing everyone up. I never really understood why. I mean how much time do you actually spend on a bus? Maybe about 15 min on an average. But ask anyone on a bus most would have unconsciously noted and made opinions about everyone in the first ten minutes.

Almost like a social experiment. An unintended social gathering. Buses are boring anyway and roads around this place suck even more. So i guess thats one of the reasons.

Or is it just me?

The other day i was traveling by a bus and there is this stretch where it gets extremely dusty.The visibility drops down to zero and people generally go missing when they cross roads in these parts.Well i hate this placeĀ  as i believe that this dust thingy accelerates my way to lung cancer and the painful death that comes packaged with it.So i tried closing the window that was allowing the air(or the dust) to blow onto my face.The female sitting in front of me took offense.Maybe she just wanted to show who was the boss or she liked dust.She opened the window with disgusting arrogance.Well i could do nothing but swear under my breath. She had her extremely smug and pleased husband sitting beside her. About a 15 min after this pleasant incident there was a beautiful breeze blowing through the window. So what does our extremely health conscious female do? She closes the window! Oh yes, she did want the dust badly.Boy did i hate her then. The bitch.

Probably we will never mature as a country.Come august,my old schoolĀ  used to have performances by students highlighting the greatness of the country with dances,drama and inspiring speeches.Many of them would begin with some quote Pt Nehru said on the eve of the independence day-“tonight as the whole world sleeps…”.Thanks to these brilliant ceremonies i never really forgot India or Nehru or Bose.Same thing was done for Republic day.This is probably true for every school in the country.Brilliant visionaries.So i started looking forward to independence days,for the holidays,for the classes that would be missed because you had to celebrate the independence day i.e usually the day beforeĀ  or the day after.We would have inspired dances where somehow the flags were dramatically thrown on the ground and stamped on.So we got around to wishing fellow mates happy independence day,probably asking him/her not to get killed during the day.You never know where people leave bombs these days.Can’t blame them really,what with so much on their minds(is the bomb good,is the trigger good,where will i get the next supply of RDX from,can i reach the red fort on time).